B(R)G Leibnitz and Tallinn Secondary School of Science

Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

25.09 Sunday
17:45 arrival at Tallinn airport

26.09 Monday
8:00 Getting acquainted with Tallinn Secondary School of Science – overview of the school, getting acquainted with the timeline (Mia, Renate, Tristan, Anete). Room 303
8: 55 – 10:35 ASs in different classes

11:00 – 13:00 A guided tour in Tallinn Old Town (Liisa, Marta: estadventures.ee, +372 58027584)
13:15 Lunch at school
13:50 – 15:30 Classes / free time
15:35 Resilience and Mental health workshop at school – Austrian Ss and 11b and TRK psychologists Kati and Olle (room 303)

27.09 Tuesday
8:00 Room 303 11b and ASs – presentation of the role of bogs in Estonia (Tobias, Mia and the team)
9.00-9.20 Photo session in aula
10:00 Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum (bus 21, from Vabaduse Väljak 9:43), guided tour
Tour at Open Air Museum is appx 1.5h long. Students gather at 9:30 in the foyer and go together. (Mia Brit, Elli, Ketlin, Frederik, Georg, William)
12:25 (or when back) Lunch at school
12:55 – 15:30 (or later) ASs in different classes

28.09 Wednesday
8:00 some ASs in different classes
9:00 bus (number 013BRY) from Otsa Street (between the school and the Opera Theatre)
10:00 A hike (incl. snowshoes) to a Kõnnu-Suursoo bog; the role of bogs in Estonian history, a guided tour by RMK; 10:00 at Järvi järvede Pärnjärve parking lot, 3hrs, 3.5 with a picnic
NB Hiking boots or rubber boots are required. Tennis shoes and usual sneakers are not good enough!
13:00 Takeaway picnic lunch Mia, Linda,  Tobias, Tristan, Kristi
14:30 back at school

29.09 Thursday, School’s birthday
8:00 – 8:45 some ASs in different classes
8:55 – 9:30 ASs in classes or free time in Home Room
10:00 Guided tour at the Okupatsioonide ja vabaduse muuseum, 60 mins Museum of Occupations and Freedom Anete, Mia S – Ss gather in the foyer and leave school at 9:30.
11:40- 12:25 11b and ASs a class with a school alumni, room 303
12:25 Lunch at school
12:55 – 13:40 School’s birthday gathering on the stadium
12:55 – 14:35 (or longer) ASs in different classes

30.09 Friday
8:00 some ASs in classes
Lennusadam/Seaplane Harbour, guided tour at 10:10, 45 minutes (Tristan, Juhan, Mathias, Vahur), Ss gather in the foyer and leave school at 9:15;   bus 3 at  9:33 from Estonia stop (next to Tammsaare park) to Lennusadam stop
12:25 lunch at school
12:55- 13:40 ASs in English classes:

13:50 – 14:35 David Duncan, Stress prevention and resilience in a school environment, assembly hall
14:45 – 15:30 11b and ASs class teacher’s hour, room 307
! 17:30 Viimsi SPA (Ravi tee1, Viimsi; 16:49 bus 1 from Viru Keskus ), 3 hrs of SPA,
Those Ss who go from school, gather in the foyer at 16:30!
18:00 sauna rituals
19:00 steam sauna rituals
NB! No shorts – might damage the tubes! (wear swimming trunks instead)

8:00 Teachers lecture, room 111
11:40 11c class, room 206 (39 students)
13:50 classes: 11a, 11b, 10b, 12c, assembly hall (4×38 students (152/6=25.3))

1.10 Saturday
19:00 – 21:00 A Ss and parents night in the Pärnu Road house – Piret Otsa and Estonian traditional games/dances.
Culture presentations – Austria. Estonian traditional food – everybody brings sth, we can use the kitchen upstairs.

2.10 Sunday
12:55 departure from Tallinn Airport